Between Takes
Interview with Brad Pitt
Total Film UK
January, 2009
Eventful '08 for Brad Pitt: he had twins, worked with the Coen brothers and reunited with David Fincher for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, playing a Louisiana man with a cracked condition that causes him to age backwards in the Fight Club director's elegant epic.
Total Film UK
December, 2008
Bawling stars. Flooded sets. Sick horses and cows with the horn. Total Film journeys down under to the trouble-plagued set of Baz Luhrmann's Australia and finds the Moulin Rouge man defying all odds to craft a sweeping, old-school opus with Oscar in its sights....
Simon's Story
Interview with Simon Baker
TV Week Australia
November, 2008
Although he's now one of Australia's most successful international actors, Simon Baker might not be where he is today were it not for a lucky break almost two decades ago when he tagged along to a friend's audition.
Meg Ryan
Interview with Meg Ryan
Australian Women's Weekly
November, 2008
Meg Ryan stars in the new all-female drama, The Women. She talks to Jenny Cooney Carrillo about being a nomad and a happy mother, fame and philosophy.
Elounda Beach, Greece
Noblesse Germany
July, 2008
Within minutes of arriving at the Elounda Beach Hotel, after turning down a long driveway off the main highway 45 minutes east of Crete’s Heraklion airport, I understand why the website hails it as ‘heaven at sea level’.
A-List Africa
July, 2008
Dear Grazia, I've never been a big camper. My idea of roughing it is room service at a Four Seasons hotel. But when I was promised a "luxury safari camp" experience in Kenya. I couldn't resist!
Yummy Mummy!
Interview with Jessica Alba
Fit Pregnancy
June, 2008
Jessica Alba was only 17 when Titanic director James Cameron handpicked her for his drama series Dark Angel. Since then, the 27-year-old actress has become a full-fledged movie star, thanks to films such as Fantastic Four, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck and the recent horror hit The Eye.
Labour of Love
Interview with Nicole Kidman
The Australian Women's Weekly
October, 2008
Australia is not only the movie that Nicole Kidman dreamed of making as a little girl. The Baz Luhrmann epic, due to be released next month, will not also be remembered as the movie that gave Nicole something much more unexpected and precious – her baby daughter, Sunday rose.
60 & Still Sensational
Interview with Meryl Streep
January, 2009
Meryl Streep turns 60 this year but has never been hotter in Hollywood - and she's more surprised than anyone. "Twenty years ago, I would have been dead and buried and in the retired actor's home at this age," the beaming icon tells Grazia, looking anything but retiring in an aubergine Donna Karan silk tunic, black pants and Banana Republic sandals showing off a deep-green pedicure.


Winter's Inspiring Tale
Interview with Harry Connick Jr.
Sydney Morning Herald
December, 2011
Harry Connick Jr. has one thing on his mind sitting in a hotel suite overlooking the beach in Clearwater, Florida - and it’s not his new movie Dolphin Tale. “I love water and I love to fish,” he admits, “so with all due respect, it’s hard for me to sit here right now because I want to be out there!”




Jenny Cooney Carrillo

Hidden Dragon
Interview with Rooney Mara
Sydney Morning Herald
January, 2012
Rooney Mara is set to become an overnight star, thanks to her Golden Globe-nominated breakthrough role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but the 26-year-old actress doesn’t anticipate life changing all that much.
Woman Of Steel
Interview with Meryl Streep
Sydney Morning Herald
December, 2011
When Meryl Streep arrives at a New York hotel to talk about her latest role in The Iron Lady, she has a request. “Be gentle on me, I’m so precariously placed because of all my traveling and I was at the Kennedy Center till 3 o’clock drinking with all these bad, bad men like DeNiro...”
The Starlet
Interview with Abbie Cornish
Harper's Bazaar, Australia
April, 2011
It seemed serendipitous to Abbie Cornish that she was accepting an award for Excellence in Film at the G'Day USA Gala in Los Angeles on January 22, on the three-year anniversary of the death of her Candy co-star, Heath Ledger.
Depp and Meaningful
Interview with Johnny Depp
July, 2011
He's more of an icon than an actor, moe an aesthete than an enfant terrible, and every bit an original in a world of remakes. So when you sit down to talk to the quintessentially hip - some may say eccentric - Johnny Depp, you don't get standard chitchat about movies, directors and fashion.
Tennessee Rose
Interview with Nicole Kidman
Harper's Bazaar
March, 2011
Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was 10 weeks old when her mother heard the news that she'd finally raised the money to produce her first film, Rabbit Hole. But Nicole Kidman suddenly realised she now had to play a woman whose young son is killed in an accident, every mother's nightmare.
Box Office Bounty
Interview with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz
The Age
May, 2011
When Penelope Cruz found out she was pregnant just weeks before filming began on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, she nervously confided in producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Rob Marshall.
Shadow Boxer
Interview with Sugar Ray Leonard
The Sydney Morning Herald
September, 2011
When you cover Hollywood movies, it's fair to say interviewing boxer Sugar Ray Leonard is not something you're expecting. Yet here he is, one of the greatest boxers of all time, sitting with Metro in a Beverly Hills hotel suite talking about his behind-the-scenes role as fight choreographer and trainer to Hugh Hackman in the action movie Real Steel.
Something To Chew On
Interview with Mel Gibson
Film Metro
July, 2011
Mel Gibson has never been afraid of controversy but the 55-year-old Aussie Oscar winner is boldly putting his comeback in the hands of an unlikely ally - a scruffy-looking beaver hand puppet.
Between Takes
Interview with Cate Blanchett
Total Film UK
December, 2008
Since being thrust into the spotlight in her Oscar-nominated turn as a young Elizabeth I in the 1998 film Elizabeth, Cate Blanchett has become the go to girl at Oscar time, from The Aviator, Notes on a Scandal and I'm Not There to her new drama The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, in which she spans sixty years on-screen as Daisy a young dancer who falls in love with a man (Brad Pitt) who is born old and ages backwards.
Jenny Cooney Carrillo Total Film UK interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Adult Entertainment?
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Total Film
Summer, 2007
We've all heard the stories of bratty behavior on movie sets from some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. A visit to the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is no different but here we have the world's most recognizable teenagers acting - well, just like teenagers.
Jenny Cooney Carrillo TV Guide cover story interview with House star Hugh Laurie
Man About the House
profile of House star Hugh Laurie
TV Guide
Hugh Laurie seems amused by all the fuss about his latest TV incarnation, Dr. Gregory House, a role that has turned the 47-year-old Englishman into an overnight sex symbol as women worldwide react like teenagers when House is in the room.
international entertainment and lifestyle journalist
Jenny Cooney Carrillo Red cover story interview with Nicole Kidman Jenny Cooney Carrillo Red cover story interview with Nicole Kidman
Under Her Spell
interview with Nicole Kidman
When we think of Nicole Kidman, we think of a Hollywood icon who lives in a rarified world of private jets and limousines; a woman who routinely makes the best-dressed lists around the worlds and is synonymous with style. What we don't think of is a woman who goes to a convention center to check out cars.
Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank doesn't want to shake my hand. 'I woke up with a sore throat this morning and I don't want to spread it,' she says apologetically as we meet for afternoon tea at the less-than-prestigious Sheraton Hotel at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.
Grace in Favour
interview with Debra Messing
Here at a horse ranch in the Hollywood Hills where our cover shoot is taking place, the smell of success is in the air. OK, so it's more like horse manure, but Will & Grace star Debra Messing seems surprisingly unaffected by the odor that is causing much grumbling amid the assorted stylists, hair and makeup artists and assistants congregating outside the dressing room trailer where her one-year-old son Roman (with husband/screenwriter Daniel Zelman) is happily playing at her feet.
Jenny Cooney Carrillo InStyle cover story interview with Will and Grace star Debra Messing